Amigoman™ Villains of Del Oro

The Villains of Del Oro

Every has them, and the city of Del Oro has come crazy ones!   Here are the bad guys and gals that for some reason feel that causing caous and trouble are better that helping and making things better in Del Oro.



Big Tuna Luna by AO

A small fish in a big pond of Del Oro bad guys, Tony “Little Fish” Luna was double-crossed by his partner and thrown in the East Del Oro River where radioactive Tuna saved him and made him their boss – their King of the Sea (ok, river, whatever). Either way, with his 1950’s-like voice, he rules the Del Oro waters with an iron fin and aims on ruling the land – the land of Del Oro. And no one will stand in his way, not even that land-lubber, AMIGOMAN!


Senorita Sin

Senorita Sin by AO

La Senorita, is one fierce, strong and beautiful woman of Del Oro and she will not be denied. She loves money, power and control. With the goal to be the richest most powerful person in Del Oro, she schemes to destroy every rich powerful man in Del Oro to get what she wants! With her persuasive end evil ways, her biggest goal is to destroy Del Oro’s hero AMIGOMAN™!



El Loco by AO

Hero? Villain? It is still up for debate. Antonio’s best childhood friend, Hector Francisco Gonzalez – AKA- G-Loco, turned to a life of crime after he joined one of Del Oro’s notorious street gangs – The Cincos” After his mother died and his older brothers were sent away for a while (His pops left the house right after he was born), unlike Antonio, Hector felt the gang life was his best option. Now, G-Loco runs the “Loco Cincos”, and no one messes with the Cincos. G-Loco, the ol’ school ways of the street, he loves old cars, old fashion Zoot suits, fancy shoes, money, power ,and his neighborhood streets. Nothing goes in or out of west Del Oro without “The G”  knowing about it – nothing.


Ed Ex

Ed Ex by AO

Del Oro’s Mad Bomber! When Edwardo Exavier Smith was a young child, a delivery guy wouldn’t let his family slide for a couple dollars to pay for his father’s breathing medicine.
From that day on, and even more so after his fathers death, he vowed revenge on big corporations, banks, and everybody else that gets in his way – even local hero – AMIGOMAN!