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About Our Studio

Combining artistry and storytelling with the desire to promote reading and learning, the Strong Ave. Studios is a storytelling-driven publishing, art and design studio responsible for creating one of the most original bilingual latino comic book super heros ever made – AMIGOMAN!

The name of the studio originated from an actual street in the nieghborhood/district where the founder, Anthony “AO” Oropeza, grew up, the district of Argentine located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Since the inception of the name, the studio has had a couple of different locations in the KC area. Recently the studio has moved from its Overland Park studio/office to the home-studio of AO.

Strong Ave. Studios continues to build on the start of a unique legacy of creativity, and originallity, offering and providing a comic book and bilingual touch to help others, especially students, read and learn while offering a wider audience the opportunity to enjoy the trials and triumphs of our hero – AMIGOMAN!

Strong Ave. Studios – The Team

Anthony “AO” Oropeza

Founder, Owner & Lead Creative-Strong Ave. Studios

Creator of AMIGOMAN™ and all characters
Duties: Character creator, writer, character designer, graphic designer, public speaker, storyboard artist, inker, web designer, marketing, social media specialist and communications director.

Lorenzo “Super-Artist” Lizana

Lead Artistic Creative – Strong Ave. Studios

Duties: Pencil/Inker artist