AMIGOMAN™ vs. The Big Tuna Luna – Part 1


(English-Only Version) Kids, students and parents can now enjoy reading another awesome book of the battle between The Big TUna Luna and coolest super hero from the city of Del Oro – AMIGOMAN! (Spanish version in the works)


Strong Ave. Studios is proud to bring to you the first of two books introducing the newest villain in the City of Del Oro – The Big Tuna Luna! The book was created for Grades 4 – 5 and up!

Book Specifics…

An 6 x 10 inch book
A 12 pages of awesome-ness!
Cover of book is full-color
Inside pages are all back and white

Reading-Rating (Level)…

Reader Level: 2 for Gr 4-5 & up / Languages: English Only Edition


Writer: AO
Art Director: AO & Jon Woodard
StoryBoards: AO
Cover: Lizana, Woodard & AO
Pencilers: Lorenzo Lizana & Jon Woodard
Inks: Jon Woodard

Additional information

Weight 6.0 oz
Dimensions 6 x 10 in