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Strong Ave. Studios Proudly Presents:
A New Kids Comic Book - SCARAB!

Strong Ave. Studios - Sept 3, 2011

Strong Ave. Studios is proud to present SCARAB!

The brain child of St. Louis "Super Artist" Lorenzo Lizana. Strong Ave. Studio's web site will feature this new kids comic and give the world the opportunity to get the first issues on-line via!

The Scarab character will be Strong Ave. Studios 1st African-American main character and is a great addition to the Strong Ave. Studios character line-up featuring Latino-American characters like Amigoman, Senorita Sin, Gramps, Mad Mex and El Loco!

There is more cool info on its way, but for now, this new SCARAB kids comic book will be a great way for kids not only enjoy a cool looking comic book with tons of cool art work (by Lizana) but it will also expose our young ones to a bit of ancient history from the eyes of a sixteen year old superhero - Jamal Jordan!

There is tons more to come so stay tuned!

Strong Ave. Studios Presents - SCARAB!
January 12, 2012

Never Fear - SCARAB is Almost Here!
From the creative mind of "Super Artist" - Lorenzo Lizana by way of Strong Ave. Studios - the long awaited origin story is on its way! Here is just a touch of the art work by Lizana and it just might
be available for the March KC Planet ComicCon! -- let us know what you think.

Scarab Images
coming soon...
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