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Our Country Need You...
Unfortunetly, many schools across our country are cutting budgets for the arts and its going to hurt us in the future. That's why we as an artistic community need to do something. Even the smallest of thinks will help.
So, if possible, which we believe it is, find and get something artistically positive going on in your community. Even if its an idea to go to a library and ask them if the can donate some space, some drawing pads and pencils for a drawing club so that you give a few lessons or head a club once a week and see what they say. If they say - NO - they try something else. Just try to start something with a spark.

Then Call Us...

And when the good things happen, give us a call and tell us your story and how you did it so we can share to the world. This may also help keep a few kids off the streets and give them something positive to go home a work on.

What is Saving the Arts?

Saving the Arts is all about the ART! Its about what you can do to keep art alive in your community.
Basically, we are asking all artists - no matter what your medium is, painting, sculture, dance, film, whatever - it all about keeping the arts going in our country.

Just Start Something...
We aren't asking for any huge kind of confrence or expensive class or courses.
What we aresaying, is give a little bit of your time and most importantly - your creativity in an effort to spread the love of your art

But How?

Well, say you have you love drawing cartoons or you enjoy painting model cars or you love sculpting - or anything else that is artistic, and you wish to share the love of your craft. Well, start something up in your community, school or even your library, Put it out ther and people will come. Build it and they will come!

Age Shouldn't Be An Issue!
Anybody can start or participate in the gatherings. The idea is to just start it. We are wanting people to get involved in sharing and saving the arts! Start a club. Start a comic biik writing club, an inking club, a storyboard or film club - anything! There are other artist out there - just put it out there.

There Are Kids Thirsting For Knowledge - Somethong Positive...
Believe it or not - There are kids and adults out there hungry for knowledge and the know-how on what techniques you use to do your kind of art. Share and keep the love for the arts alive!

If There is a Will There is a Way...
Find a way to reach out and share your knowledge and craft. Maybe work something with the local community center or library to give free lessons, to have a seminar or to have a club of some sort.

Creativity is the key.
Find an inexpensive way to make something happen. Get donations, ask business owners, trade services, make a few calls and make something happen. It can happen if you want!

Good luck,
Strong Ave. Studios
Interested in FREE Comic Book Art Classes? Contact Karen at 913.722.7401


Available for Library, Elem. & Jr. High School Visits -
Weekdays and Weekends

Call to schedule Anthony "AO" Oropeza, the creator of Amigoman - The Latin Avenger, to visit your classroom or library to talk about his work with the Amigoman - The Latin Avenger Comic books - learn some tips about putting together a comic book, writing stories, drawing, and and much, much more. Contact Us for details.

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