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Amigoman Cast Art - property of Anthony Oropeza
What the people of Del Oro see is a vigilante who is trying to rid the streets of bad guys that have changed these once great neighborhoods.

But in actuality, this masked avenger is just a twenty-something seeking justice! He's on a mission to catch the bad guys who hurt the only father-figure he had in his life - his abuelo (Gramps). Once they are captured he plans to hang up his mask and head back to law school.
Antonio F. Alvarado Cast Art - property of Anthony Oropeza Antonio F. Alvarado
High school dropout bound and on the verge of joining a local street gang, street kid Antonio, turned his life around into a mild-manner college graduate, turned history teacher. Now this former Del Oro law student is a history teacher at West Del Oro High.

After the tragic crime to his beloved abuelo (Gramps), Antonio put law school on hold to take care of family matters at home (if you know what we mean...) and works as a teacher to pay the bills and help kids from his community.
Gramps Cast Art - property of Anthony Oropeza GRAMPS
An ex-military man and grandfather of Antonio, Gramps returns home and finds his youngest grandson headed down the wrong road in life - school dropout, gangs and everything that comes with those two.

Gramps takes Antonio under his wing and teaches him what is is to be a responsible man in today's crazy world. Unfortunately, Gramps is beat up attempting to save a Del Oro citizen and this tragic event has a huge effect on Antonio's life.

Don't think that's all of them... there is more "loco-ness" to come!
All character names and likenesses are fictional and do not represent any one specific person. All names, stories and characters are property of Anthony "AO" Oropeza, AOART5 llc & Strong Ave. Studios.
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