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Article #0: Reading and comic books. By AO creator of Amigoman - The Latin Avenger

"I was not a big reader of comic books growing up. I am a visual person, that's probably why I painted so much when I was younger. And I didn't start reading comic books much untilI was in my late 20's to early 30's, sad to say. I was a big fan of the inside art - my comic books didn't have covers on them when i was a kid so knowing many of the artists, writers and illustrators of the book i didn't take note. Our comic books were the hand-me-downs or left overs no one wanted - but who cared? The art work was awesome.

As a kid and I was really amazed at how they made it look so real and how cool it looked on the page. On top of that, the good guys always prevailed and showed a huge amount of courage - no matter what. But as I got older the reading complimented the art and vice versa. A deeper relationship for the story and the art as one grew. I don't remember most of the artists and writers - but I know what I like when I read or see it. i guess that's what matters when I put a book out - I am not concerned that someone will know my name at all - my main concern, I guess, is that they will like the art and get the message in the words - and maybe laugh at the comedy more than the flaws in the book."

Article #1: Reading Tips  & Ideas for Teachers
Taken from: in 2006

"Comic Books are also good for struggling readers because they’re entertaining and combine pictures with text as in a picture book, but don’t have the stigma of a traditional picture book that’s for young children. Comics can be action comics like Superman, Batman, and X-Men, serial comics like Mad Magazine, and also humor comics, like Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, or Archie. Note that many comics involve ongoing storylines, which are also engaging over the longterm. So-called “graphic novels” or Japanese animation storylines (“anime”—such as Sailor Moon) are also part of this genre and can appeal to kids."

Article #2: 10 Options for Reading Outside the Book
Taken from in 2006

#4 of 10 - Comic books
Comic books and graphic novels are becoming more and more popular. The illustrations and often offbeat topics should keep kids interested.

Article #3: Educating with Comics
by Leonard Rifas June 28, 2005

"Maryland's "Comic Book Initiative"—a plan to introduce comics into schools to involve reluctant readers and thereby improve their reading skills—presents itself as a bold, experimental program. Maryland authorities quoted in the Washington Post last December inaccurately claimed that "nobody" had looked at the value of comic books as reading material before and "no studies" had previously tried to measure the possible effects of comic book reading on student achievement."
Article #4: Bookworm Benefits
Taken from a article in 2006

"Q: How does reading even just a comic book help me prepare for the SAT?

A: “My experience is that avid readers do very well on college admission tests,” says Mary Leonhardt, English teacher and author of Parents Who Love Reading, Kids Who Don’t. “It doesn’t matter so much what they read, as long as they read. And poor readers, or kids who read only what they have to, don’t do well. Often, kids who are labeled poor testers are really kids who just don’t have a habit of reading.”
Article #5: The "Decline" of Reading in America.
By: Stephen Krashen

[PDF] The "Decline" of Reading in America, Poverty and Access to Books, and the use of Comics in Encouraging Reading.

Quotes From the Article: "There are also compelling case histories of children who were reluctant readers until they discovered comics. Haugaard, (1973, p. 85) writes that her sons were "notoriously unmotivated to read and had to be urged, coaxed, cajoled, threatened and drilled in order even to stay in super slow group in reading" until they discovered comics.""The motivation these comics provided was absolutely phenomenal...""Comic reading led to other reading." 
Article #5: Comic Book Reading, Reading Enjoyment, and Pleasure Reading Among Middle Class and Chapter 1 Middle School Students

Taken from in 2007
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