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August 7-9
KC Comic Con
Bartle Hall

July 24
Ruiz Library

July 23
Alford Library
Wichita, KS

June 13
Leawood Pioneer Library
Leawood, KS

June - Aug 23
Art Exhibit
Leawood Pioneer Lib.
Leawood, KS

June - Aug 23
Art Exhibit
Blue Valley Library
Overland Park, KS

Briar Wood Elem.
Overland Park, KS



Nov 2014
School Visit
Rosehill Elem.
Lenexa, KS

Oct 2014
School Visit
La Monte Elem.
La Monte, MO

Oct '14
School Visits
Briar Wood Elem.
Overland Park, KS

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Strong Ave. Studios Visiting Artists Program

Strong Ave. Studios Visiting Artists Program is designed to increase and highlight what we do in the studio and how early education plays a huge part in an artist's and student's career.

For students in kindergarten through 8th grade, we emphasize how math, spelling, language and history and other subjects play a part in our comic drawing and picture book production while emphasizing creativity, ideas and teamwork.

Free Amigoman Stuff at Every Visit
With every visit, we will provide FREE Amigoman Stuff, like coloring pages, activity pages, mock comic pages, book marks, postcards, stickers and much more!
amigoman creator guest speaker

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What We Talk To Students About

How School/College Helps Art

Creating & Publishing Comics
Discuss Character Development
Drawing Demo
Script Writing: Story/Audience
Discuss Teamwork
Library & Teachers Cool Resources

Creator of AMIGOMAN™ Classroom Visits
Creator of AMIGOMAN™, Anthony "AO" Oropeza loves chatting to students about what he does as a writer, artist and character creator and how important the subjects that are taught in school are very important in comic book drawing, writing and creating.

It gives the students a feeling of having really met Anthony. Students may also be more prone to ask their question in front of their own class rather than an auditorium full of strangers. This is an informative, educational and loose program.

Cost for Visits
Although AO would love to give all class room, school and library visits for free, there is a small fee to help cover costs, such as fuel, travel time, materials and the cost of printing of books we donate to the homeless and underprivileged students throughout the year. AO can visit one classroom or move from classroom to classroom for a 45-60 minute period to speak and answer as many questions the students may have for him.
For visit and fee information e-mail us at contactus<@>

Discounted Books with Visit
Strong Ave. Studios is glad to give discounts to schools and libraries on all books (color & B/W covers) purchases. For our discounts please view our Visit Offering Info.

Schools are also given a discount of books if they order before the visit and autographs can be placed on each issue.

Working with Teachers
We are more than happy to incorporate what the class is learning in their subjects per a teachers request. For example, if a teacher would like us to explain how fractions or history plays a part in our production of a comic book, no problem! We can do that. We want all students at every age to know that school is very important now and into college for a successful art career!

(Optional) Helping Those Less Fortunate - Give A Can Good
Strong Ave. Studios may ask if your school is up for the idea of helping those less fortunate. If your school is willing, we are willing to offer a discounted price if your school is willing to donate one (1) can good per student. The donations will then be donated to a local food kitchen and/or homeless shelter. This is totally optional for each attendee/student/school.

See What Our Author / Artist Visit Can Offer to Your School

Amigoman Creator Author / Creator School Visit

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Check Out AO's Bio & Some Cool Fun Facts About the Author & Creator of AMIGOMAN...

Amigoman Creator Author / Creator School Visit

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Check Out A Small Clip From An Actual School Principal!

Check Out Pix From Our Visit -
Noble Prentis - In KCK!

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