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CREATIVES (Artists, Designers, Sales, Actors etc.) WANTED!!!
Imagine starting or continuing your career with a young organization that strives to deliver smiles and laughs to school kids, local communities and hopefully to millions around the world everyday - someday!

At Strong Ave. Studios it’s our "Creatives" who strive for excellence in entertainment and business. Sure we are small in numbers but we are big in heart and in enthusiasm, creativity and ideas! And you can be part of something that has huge potential and that can make a difference. It could be time for you to bring your unique artistic, sales, accounting and business talents to Strong Ave. Studios. Check out how...
Activities Learning Page Design Creatives: Strong Ave. Studios is seeking individuals with education experience to be one of our many Activities Learning Page Design Creatives for our kids books. We need to learn from the best to help teach to the kids via our books.

Must be an over all happy and honest person with our projects and customers in mind - always.
Send info to
Writing Creatives: We are looking for a Comic Book / Kids Book Creatives who love writing - If you are wanting to break into the business or just want a cool avenue for do a kids book or two - all for very little pay - then send us your examples. Best would be PDFs with contact info. Send info to

Must be age appropriate - for kids ages 6-12.
Sales Creatives:

Strong Ave. Studios is seeking part-time / commission only Creatives members to be responsible for English and Spanish sales prospecting, presenting, negotiating, closing and managing our comic book and on-line advertising and revenue for our Amigoman comic book and web site. This individual will be expected to execute sales strategies and goals into sales. Our Sales Creatives will also be able to adjust presentations and selling approaches based on client's interests and needs. Spanish a plus.Set your goals and let's fly!!! Send info to

Must be an over all happy and honest person to apply.

Graphic Art Creatives:

Strong Ave. Studios is seeking a freelance Graphic Design Creatives. If your creative juices pack a punch when working under tight deadlines and a cool project manager, keep reading! Artists must be resourceful, team players, have excellent at multi-tasking ability and able to conceptualize and design in print, comic book covers and web media. Advanced level in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, experience in Quark (yes, Quark) and other graphic software a plus. Send info to

Animation Creatives Club:

Here is a new part of Strong Ave. Studio that we would like to test the waters. Let's start a Strong Ave. Studios Animation Club!

We are thinking about getting a few eager Animation Creatives who want to use an actual established character (Amigoman) to create an actual animation that will be viewed by school kids, parents, teachers and hopefully millions of others across the globe.

We would like to put together a "Test Team" to see what kind of talent we can put together and make magic happen! If you got the time we have the pizza! There will be little to no pay, hard work but huge rewards if this gets off the ground! And if we get a sponsor - we all get paid. But let's do it for the experience and fun!

If you are wanting to break into the business, have something for your portfolio or just show off your skills - contact us. We are wanting to do some animation shorts in flash and 3-D CGI.

We are also seeking story board artists for these projects!

Must be able to meet Style Requirements, take direction and meet at night. Contact us for details.
Send info to

Doing What We Love:

Most of our Creatives positions are currently, non-paid or commission-only positions. They are mostly just for the love and fun of the projects. Our work has the potential to become paying positions (see Sales Creatives) in the future. When this happens, we promise to pay the agreed amount to all involved in the project. But for now, just being part of something cool, fun with a purpose is what keeps us going with little to no budget.

Our promise is that when a paying client/sponsor is part of a project all Creatives involved will be compensated for work on the project.

Contact Strong Ave. Studios
Strong Ave. Studios
PO BOX 353
Mission, Kansas 66201
(913) 205-5093

Submit Your Creativeness
to Strong Ave. Studios

Send Info Via E-Mail
1) Resume PDF
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2) Up to 5 PDF
Example of Art Work
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8.5 x 11 JPGS

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1) Resume (w/ references)
2) Up to 5 Example of Art Work
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3) Include web address

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