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Amigoman in Baldo Comic Strip on October 11, 2009
August 26th 2009 – Written By Strong Ave. Studios Staff

Amigoman Featured National Syndicated Comic Strip

Believe it or not - our beloved and Kansas City’s own, Amigoman - The Latin Avenger comic book character , created by KC's own "AO" is slated as one of four artists across the nation to featured a one-time only, Sunday, all color, comic strip with the world famous and nationally syndicated "Baldo" comic strip.

This Amigoman comic strip project was produced by Amigoman creator, Anthony "AO" Oropeza with his right hand man - "Super Artist" Lorenzo Lizana from St. Louis. This comic strip edition is slated to be published on October 11th in over 200 syndicated nationwide Sunday newspapers and on line at during the Hispanic Heritage month.

Here’s a few small interview quotes given by AO about this huge event…

Q: How did you guys get the opportunity to be in the Baldo comic strip slot?

A: Well, Mr. Hector Cantu, one of the co-creators of Baldo, sent me an e-mail asking if we were interested in doing a spot for the Baldo strip with Amigoman in it. I called him back. We chatted. He asked if we would be interested in taking a one-time only, full color, Sunday spot and that the strip had to incorporate at least one of the Baldo characters. All I said was basically, "WOW, really? Yes! - then Thank You and What is the deadline?". Then I picked myself up off the floor and got more details.

Q: Why did the Baldo creators select you and the Amigoman comic book character?

A: Not exactly sure. I think they like what the Amigoman character and story is all about. I also think they read an interview from a newly published book that myself, like them, were featured in named "Your Brain on Latino Comics" by Frederick Luis Aldama, and then I believe a friend of theirs, another great artist from Texas, the creator of El Gato Negro, Richard Dominguez– threw our name at these guys and BLAM! We got the call the we got the gig! So I think the combo of the book interview and Mr. Dominguez’s suggestion assisted in them giving us a shout and a shot. Strange luck.

Q: How do you feel about the opportunity to showcase your Amigoman in a nationally syndicated comic strip spot with Baldo?

A: Are you kidding me? How often am I, or any other regular Joe for that matter, gonna get the opportunity to submit their own creation for national exposure? It’s like throwing out the 1st pitch at one of the Royal’s World Series games - you never think in your wildest dream that it would happen, the throwing of it, let alone the Royals getting to the World Series,- but if and when it happens – it’s pretty darn special. Just having our Amigoman character in print in any newspaper is pretty special but this one will go down as one of my coolest life highlights. (PS - Don’t get me wrong - I love the Royals).

Q: When will the strip be published?

A: This Hispanic Heritage month – one of the Sundays. Not really sure yet but once I know I will post it on the site and send out some e-mails. Its gonna be cool. (Just released: October 11th is the print date).

Q: Why just a one-time only spot?
A: Let’s not get greedy, now. First of all, Lorenzo and myself were extremely honored to be asked. This is huge for us. Second, we now know what it takes to put out just "one" comic strip – WORK! It is not as easy of a task as one might think. It takes a lot of thought, time management, organizing and communication – and this is just for a one day slot. Fortunately for me – Lorenzo, who lives in St. Louie, and myself are on the same page 99% of the time and plus, he had the time in his schedule to knock this out with me by the deadline. He is an awesome artist. Even with that said, it still took us about a week to do this project – since we both work other jobs.

Q: Why did it take you more than a few days to do the project?

A: Because one, it was new to us. You know, it was a comic strip – not a comic book. Two, we had to tell a big story in a small space. Not an easy task. And three, we live in different cities and our schedules are different – you know, just regular grown up stuff to take care of on the home. Plus, my first draft could have filled 10 comic strips – very wordy. So with some direction from Mr. Cantu, we got it to where we could live with it and then Lorenzo and I hit the art work. Lorenzo and I hammered out the 5 or 10 roughs though and 3-4 day period emailing rough thumbs (thumbnails) back and forth - and once we had the final – BLAM! - He tightened up the pencils, hit the inks and colored the strip and most importantly – met the deadline. It was pretty cool. And working with pros like Mr. Hector Cantu and Mr. Carlos Castellanos was smooth and easy.

Q: Would you like to do a daily comic strip one day?

A: One day – maybe. Right now - No. I’ll leave that work to the real pros.

Q: What's next for Amigoman – The Latin Avenger?

A: Kids books and possible for the first time in Strong Ave. Studio history – video! We have a new kids book (for Grades 1-3) coming out real soon and then hopefully 3 or for more to follow. And as for the video, a really cool cat named Bryan, a 3D and illustration artist from KC, is supposed to brainstorm with me about adding video to our site. I can’t wait. All of that should be a great learning experience. Stay tuned.

Info About the Baldo Comic Strip
Baldo is the brain child of writer Mr. Hector Cantú and artist Mr. Carlos Castellanos. It is the first comic strip that features Latino characters and themes. Baldo lives with his parents and works at Auto Y Rod, Inc., selling car parts. Through his daily exploits in the world of girls, cars, and little sisters, readers will learn just how well they can identify with this teen. Both Cantú and Castellanos have given us a comic strip whose warmth and gentle humor will appeal to all Latino or not.

Check out the Baldo sites at: / &
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