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AMIGOMAN™ – Downloads

Having to teach kids on line or having kiddos at home can be a challenge with what is going on in our world today.  Finding interesting things to do at home takes some creativity.  So AO, creator of AMIGOMAN™ and Chief Creative Designer of, wants to give back a bit to teachers, parents and kiddos who love comic books (and coloring!)! Stay true to the studio’s mission he would like to offer something cool and exciting to all around the world.

So as of today (April 20, 2020), AO, with Lead Artistic Creative – Lorenzo Lizana, are proud to offer… Free AMIGOMAN™ Downloads!

The studio will post AMIGOMAN™ comic books and coloring pages once a week until all books are uploaded – and will leave them free on-line until June 1st.


Free AMIGOMAN™ Downloads

The AMIGOMAN™ Downloads –  books and coloring pages.

Download: “AMIGOMAN”: The Origin – Part Dos (Two)” (2016 English version) (release: April 20, 2020)

Download: AMIGOMAN™ Coloring Page #1 (release: April 27, 2020)

Download: “Hello, I am AMIGOMAN™”  (Spanish version)

Download: “Amigoman vs. Frankenstein” (English version)

Download: Amigoman™ Coloring page

Download: “Amigoman vs. Frankenstein” (Spanish version)

Download: “Amigoman vs. Frankenstein” (English version)

Download: Amigoman™ Coloring page

Download: “Amigoman Visits the Zoo” (Spanish version)

Download: “Amigoman Visits the Zoo” (English version)

Download: Amigoman™ Coloring page


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A Couple Q & A’s …

Why FREE?  Why Now?

Our goal at the studio as never been to make a ton of money (actually it is to be on PBS), every independent comic book creator knows its a long shot to hit it big with their book, and we at the studio especially know that it’s an even longer shot breaking through a comic book that is both bilingual and features a Latino main character – but that’s OK, we’ve had harder mountains to climb.  Plus, we just love cool story ideas, to create stories, create characters, draw and entertain.

With that, I think we all know, “why free?”.  Many of us are out of work and with the limited amount of money we all have, why sell?  To be honest, if we could, we here at the studio would give every student free comic books through their school all year, every year.  And maybe that is something we can do in the future.  But today, we want to do this.

And “Why Now?” –  Why not now?  Almost everybody loves comic books.  I know growing up as a not-so-well off kid in KC, we never had much, and our hand-me-down comic books without the covers given to us by our cousins were a cool break from our somewhat hard life.
So today, we now have the technology to share – with a cover!  And especially with the way things are now.  And we here at the studio are not doctors or nurses, and believe us, at this time in our lives, we wish we were. So its our way of giving something back.  We know its not much – but its something. We hope you enjoy.

Why Not an AMIGOMAN™ App?

We are sure many of you wondering why doesn’t AMIGOMAN™ have an app to allow its viewers to enjoy all of Strong Ave’s Studios creations?  Well, it is pretty simple – we do not have the budget nor do we know a great app creator.  AO and team started the process of creating an app in 2013 and after many fantastic project milestones, the project fell by the wayside.  Who knows?  Perhaps the project can come back.  Any app designers want to work on a project?