AMIGOMAN™ – The Story

Amigoman - The Story

An American Story

AMIGOMAN™ is a the bilingual comic book superhero based in the fictional city of Del Oro (Oropeza uses Kansas City as Del Oro’s model/backdrop).

Antonio F. Alvarado by day is a mild-mannered, always positive, twenty-something law school dropout turned high school teacher for West Del Oro High.

But Antonio is on a mission.  He is not on a mission to save the world, or to rid the crime off the streets of the city of Del Oro, but to catch the band of bad guys that hurt and killed his only true friend and the only father figure he ever knew – his abuelo (AKA – Gramps).   

So by night, Antonio transforms into a masked avenging vigilante seeking justice known as the Amigoman™. 


About Antonio

Antonio was a street kid, the youngest of three children, and raised by a single mother while his father was either running the streets of Del Oro, in prison, or running around the country causing havoc in other cities.  Antonio never had much supervision growing up.  His older siblings were a bit older than him and always preoccupied with their lives and his mother (Carman Alvarado), was always working in and out of the house. That lack of supervision allowed Antonio a certain amount of freedom.  Freedom to hang out and roam the streets while paying less attention to school and helping his mother around the house.


The Knock on the Door

Early in his junior year of high school, Antonio was on the verge of dropping out of high school and planned to join a gang of street hoods (aka friends) led by his childhood best friend.

If not for the chance visit, and a small agreement/bet with his almost forgotten grandfather and ex-military man (Gramps), Antonio would have never finished high school, enter and completed college, and would have never been accepted to law school.


Tragedy Strikes

During his first year at law school, unfortunately tragedy strikes the Alvarado family. Gramps was brutally beaten attempting to help a young lady from random street thugs in a darken alley.
Gramps later falls into a coma, and soon after, Gramps passes away.

Later, with little to no help by the Del Oro PD, Antonio had to make a very difficult decision. He decides to place law school on hold to find the villains of the crime himself.  Planning to head back and finish law school after the killers are brought to justice, Antonio decides to become a high school substitute teacher.  found a tremendous amount of push-back from potential neighboring witnesses, as well as the Del Oro PD of his grandfathers’ beating.


No Where to Go

Determined to find the killers of his only trusted friend and beloved family member (next to his mom) Antonio decides to “enter the beast” and search for clues himself without the help of the police.  He enters some pretty shady places and finds that most will not give up information freely and even though he and his family are known in the local neighborhoods, he still receives a tremendous amount of resistance from friends and neighbors which results in many heated confrontations.

He then decides to take a leap of faith and attempts to hide his identity and puts on a mask accompanied with a fake Spanish accent (since he is a third generation American who speaks perfect English and Spanish) to conduct even more serious investigations.


A Hero is Born

With Antonio experiencing more bodily harm when he goes looking for answers.  He then decides to build his own body armor with the intent to not look like a comic book superhero or to be the savior of the city of Del Oro. His plans, again, do not work out.  As fate would have it, and having no super powers, with the help of a faceless ally and friends from the neighborhood, Antonio was able to “obtain” the technology/supplies needed to create protective armor gear.  Eventually the protective armor gear morphs into a comic book-like uniform/costume.  The disruption in the criminal way of business incorrectly leads the public to believe he is a community vigil-anti.


An Eye in the Sky

With Antonio snooping around the city in the evenings with various stakeouts and investigations, he is spotted by an underground female techie/hacker who always has her eye in the sky and ear to the ground.  An ally (AKA “Number One”).  Number one reaches out to the AMIGOMAN™ to offer her assistance.  She knows the story behind his grandfathers death and figures out he is on a quest to find the killers and really respects that he is a high school teacher.   



But, also not planned, while he investigates the murder of his grandfather, various unexpected villains of various levels pop-up in the city of Del Oro robbing and looting various businesses and schools.  Our so-called hero AMIGOMAN™ cannot look away.  He attempts to catch these various villains and puts others on alert, while the citizens of the City of Del Oro catch wind of it and feel a positive breath of hope in their latino communities.  This is the the opposite of his intent, and not part of his plan.  His good deeds have led some to believe he is a hero with hope that he will protect the city and bring crime to a halt – which could not be farther from the truth.

Soon he is nick-named “Amigoman™” by the media – again, not part of the plan.

So the story, the pain, the legend and endless broken plans continue, in the search for the killers of his grandfather.  His plan now is to not get torn to shreds, pay his bills, and to then return to law school so that he can complete his promise to his grandfather and come back to serve his community as a lawyer to help the less fortunate.


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