AO & Strong Ave. Studios Drops Another AMIGOMAN™ Book! AMIGOMAN™ vs. The Big Tuna Luna – Part 2!

Just Released – The Exciting Conclusion of AMIGOMAN™ vs. Big Tuna Luna – “Something is Fishy in Del Oro” Comic Book.

 Article by AMIGOMAN™ Creator, Anthony “AO” Oropeza 12/23/2017


Well, it’s finished! The final part of my introduction of the newest villain to hit the mean streets of Del Oro known as the one and only –  The Big Tuna Luna!  I personally and affectionatly also call him – The Notorious “BTL”.

Never the less, I know this is my first article in a while on the site, and I know it’s the first article on the series (the second part of this 2-part series), and  I know I probably should have written something about part one last year, but, I didn’t make the commitment to utilize our “Article” sections of my sites & until some time in 2017.  And since that decision to write more articles, I have posted most of my articles on my site (see .

So now I want to tell you guys about our latest kids comic book release featuring our number one guy – AMIGOMAN™, in “Their is Something Fishy in Del Oro” Part 2  – The Introduction of The Big Tuna Luna!

AMIGOMAN™ The Big Tuna Luna Part 2 Book by AO
AMIGOMAN™ The Big Tuna Luna Part 2 Book by AO


The Story

Our part 1 intro book of The Notorious BLT, not only gives you the details on how this up and coming bad guy was double crossed by his long time partner in crime, but it also explains how Tony “Little Fish” Luna, now known as The Big Tuna, was then tossed in the river and left for fish food.  Then…, well, you’ll have to read the book for rest of the exciting details and conclusion!

Nevertheless, the story also, gives our readers a glimpse of the extent AMIGOMAN™ will go to help his students and school – including fighting radioactive fish-men!

The Credits – The Team

The team consisted of three great Creative. Two long time Strong Ave. Studios veterans Lorenzo Lizana and myself) and one new creative (John Woodard). So the credits for the inside pages of book go to two major pros – our Penciler (and long time AMGIOMAN™ artist) – Lorenzo Lizana;  and our Inker – Jon Woodard.  And then of course there was me.  I took care of the story, panel storyboards, layout, design and other stuff.

As for the cover.  The cover was taken care of by Lorenzo (pencil and inks) and me. I took care of design, letters, colors, the yellow background (inside joke with Lorenzo) and the rest.  

The books have been a great collaboration between all three of us, and I have to say, their work on this project has taken our books to another level – and I hope we do more books together for you guys!  (read the collaboration article coming in January).

For Our Readers

So part 2 of “Their is Something Fishy in Del Oro” the Introduction of the Big Tuna Luna was written for our 4-5 grade readers, but like most AMIGOMAN™ books, it is a cool read for older and even younger readers as well.

Part 1 & 2 books were published at the traditional comic book size (around 6″ x 10″), and it’s first run was printed in English-only.  We will have the Spanish version in the near future.  Our publishing process is that we create everything in English first, print, release, and then translate them into Spanish so we can publish our bi-lingual / two-languages-in-one books – also known as our “Flip Books” ( see our Flip Book example ).

Get your BTL books in the English only version (currently working on the translated versions) via our and soon to be featured on AO’s other store, the

Also, we here at Strong Ave. Studios hope you, your family and/or your students enjoy our latest AMIGOMAN™ releases, and please if you can, get the latest updates and chat with us via our social media  – Twitter –@StrongAveStudio and FaceBook – /AmigomanComicbooks !

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